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How Games Lost In Translation Got It Right

Image: Example Source While project managers want the best possible localization for their games, sometimes it seems that the universe conspires against such outcomes. After all, games riddled with shockingly bad translations are a dime a dozen, one of the most famous being Toaplan’s scrolling shooter, Zero Wing, featuring the “All Your Base Are Belong Read more about How Games Lost In Translation Got It Right[…]

Is A Translator The Key To Gaming Success?

Image: Example Source Every development team considers the steps, techniques, and best practices required for a successful game release. Furthermore, the role of the translator or localization team has become integral to the game making process. A game’s most fervent fan base can emerge from any number of foreign territories, especially if it’s translated to Read more about Is A Translator The Key To Gaming Success?[…]

5 Ways Localization Management Benefits The Gaming Industry

Image: Example Source Everyone is playing games nowadays from young kids through to elderly folks, and quite notably, there’s a sharp rise of female players due to the proliferation of mobile devices. But sometimes it’s easy to overlook how the games industry is benefiting from other quarters such as the implementation of localization management systems. Yes, Read more about 5 Ways Localization Management Benefits The Gaming Industry[…]

How You Can Track Language Translations In One Place

Image: Example Source Teams have their hands full when dealing with language translations, especially when these are in multiple languages. Keeping track of all of these is enough to keep project managers on edge as game translations grow in scope. However, not all is doom and gloom, as there are several smart ways and great Read more about How You Can Track Language Translations In One Place[…]

5 Tips For Supercharging Your Development Process

Image: Example Source Developing games is hard, so much so, that even experienced developers face a ton of pitfalls, from scheduling problems through to crunch time issues. Hobbyist, indie, and triple-A developers have pulled the plug on game projects at some point or another. Nothing is more disappointing than canceling a potentially promising game because Read more about 5 Tips For Supercharging Your Development Process[…]

Cultural Framing of Video Games for Educational Learning

Cultural framing extends to the areas of education, politics, social interaction, and entertainment. Therefore, to avoid issues in the cultural framing of games, it is important to design games that promote socialization and engagement without creating controversy.   Cultural Framing Has Led to a Shift in Market Focus The past five years has demonstrated a Read more about Cultural Framing of Video Games for Educational Learning[…]

Big Screen Movie Adaptations

Big Screen Movie Adaptations – Video Games

Big screen movie adaptations of video games prove that video games are now part of the mainstream. When movies spin off of games, you know that you have a special product. While it may help to cast a major screen star, such as Angelina Jolie, to a video game adaptation, you need more than that Read more about Big Screen Movie Adaptations – Video Games[…]

Cultural influences

Cultural Influences – How They Impact Gaming

Cultural influences from video gaming stem from the ways video games have developed. These influences extend to other media, such as television, books, music, and movies. People who are devoted to video games are just as enthusiastic as avid readers. Cultural Influences toward Development As gaming has developed, so has the use of home video Read more about Cultural Influences – How They Impact Gaming[…]

Game Studios Enhance Start-up Performances

Game studios are the lifeblood of video development companies. However, before you begin a video development company, you need to evaluate your reasons for the start-up. Make sure you know why you want to get into the business so you can plan accordingly.   Game Studios – Meeting Develop Needs Game studios should be designed Read more about Game Studios Enhance Start-up Performances[…]

Video Game Development – Entrepreneurial Tips

Video game development has burgeoned in the past few years. Games have evolved in exciting ways. If you want to get involved in the video game development process, you have the opportunity to do so. Today, people have access to increasing support and tools so they can excel in the field. If you want to Read more about Video Game Development – Entrepreneurial Tips[…]