April 16, 2013

XLOC allows you to leverage the technical and process management skills of our seasoned localization and videogaming industry experts. We have proven expertise in planning and development, programming, localization problem-solving, streamlining production pathways, communication and organization. Everyone on our team knows exactly how frustrating localization can be and not only brings that understanding to every project, but also delivers calmness, clarity and grace under pressure to even the most hectic environments and timelines. Perhaps more importantly, we have a true passion for what we do – and for making localization as simple and profitable as possible for you.


Co-Founder, President

As Co-Founder and President of XLOC, Stephanie is focused on enhancing the customer experience for all clients while strengthening and expanding XLOC’s business and strategic relationships. Over the course of her career, she’s worn many hats that now benefit XLOC customers, from software development producer and production consultant to operations executive, for worldwide award-winning educational and entertainment leaders, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Capcom and 2K Games. With over 15 years of localization expertise, Stephanie has successfully sim-shipped hundreds of language versions of high profile titles, including the Call of Duty®, Guitar Hero™, Tony Hawk™ and NBA2K™ Series, Rock Band™, League of Legends®, BioShock® and more. Stephanie holds degrees in both Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

A videogame guru and data management technology leader, Mason is the complete system architect for XLOC and remains focused on continually moving XLOC forward for our partners as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to founding and serving as XLOC’s CTO, Mason enjoyed a successful career in game design, development, business-to-business e-commerce and database administration. He has performed key programming roles on numerous high profile titles, including the Zork® and MechWarrior® Series among many others. Moreover, Mason helped to create Activision’s standard US library, served as Chief Technology Officer for Roaring Mouse Entertainment and developed, programmed and managed Networld Exchange’s B2B e-commerce system. This unique combination of game programming, database and content management expertise provided Mason with the skills required to envision create, implement and continue to improve the XLOC system, which is revolutionizing the videogame localization process.


Project Manager

A localization wizard and proven veteran of the videogame industry, Carlos has worked with XLOC in all facets of the localization process for hundreds of games, including the Call of Duty®, X-Men® and BioShock® Series among others. With nearly 15 years of gaming industry experience, Carlos has seen the localization process from all sides – from QA Lead at Take Two Licensing, to Senior Localization Project Manager at Activision, and Associate Producer at Spark Unlimited. Bringing his expertise and unique perspective to the XLOC team, Carlos is a calm force in the chaos of project management who understands the pressures our clients are under and meets their needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Raphael Scott

XLOC System Programmer

Raphael graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Japanese. His experience programming and working with XLOC, as well as his knowledge of the Japanese language, has lead to him becoming the XLOC representative at the Keywords Tokyo office.