The Future Of Mobile Gaming

One of the more recent developments in the video game industry has been the advent of mobile gaming. While it hasn’t taken the reins from console and computer based gaming, it has found success among audiences that otherwise would not be consumers in the industry, therefore cementing its existence for some time to come at Read more about The Future Of Mobile Gaming[…]

Apple’s New Devices And The Future of Gaming

Video games as a medium have proven themselves to be one of the most volatile in existence. It’s sometimes difficult to comprehend just how far they have come in just a handful of decades, starting out as little more than curiosity pieces only to end up as one of the most lucrative entertainment industries in Read more about Apple’s New Devices And The Future of Gaming[…]

How Smartphone Popularity Impacts The Gaming Industry

It’s important for game publishers to consider the viability of games produced on various platforms for specific audiences. For global gaming publishers, this means taking a look at how smartphone popularity impacts the gaming industry. Use this quick guide to get started on the research you need to make a decision on how to proceed Read more about How Smartphone Popularity Impacts The Gaming Industry[…]

New Trends in the Gaming Industry for 2015

As the year closes in on the end of the second financial quarter, predictions for the future of gaming are becoming clearer.

Many things in the gaming industry are changing including all kinds of fluctuations with what seems like a new device or preferred process every month. But some things stay the same. In this article we’re going to look at a few important trends for the coming year.

Here are our best guesses at the industries top trends for 2015.  […]