Perfected over 15 years, XLOC is the powerful Content Management System (CMS) dedicated to the development of global video games. Regardless of whether you are releasing mobile content, AAA console games, or producing continuous MMO PC content, XLOC manages your global assets including text, audio and art, throughout the multilingual game development process. Introducing the newest version 6.2 release, XLOC perfects the process of storing, analysing and tracking the evolution of source and localized game assets during the course of development. XLOC is a key production tool link to enable all global team professionals involved in the development process to collaborate and visualise the status of multilingual assets at any time. As a result, the localization cycle can be seamlessly connected to the source content production cycle, pushing to translation just the new and updated content, saving precious time and resources, and eliminating repetitive tasks and errors caused by the manual tracking of assets.

XLOC links the Development and Localization Cycles in a seamless, controlled flow

Key features of XLOC 6.2

  • Interface localized into English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
  • Powerful search features including multi-choice options.
  • In-Line editing for quick changes to strings.
  • Saved searches for creating customised workflows.
  • Robust messaging for production autonomy and troubleshooting.
  • Customised display options.

Primary benefits of XLOC 6.2

  • Centralised and standardised localization processes for all your projects.
  • String history and status allows various service lines to track, test and approve localization efforts.
  • Advanced search and bulk processes simplify workflows.
  • Robust Questions and Answers features allows for team knowledge share.
  • Error checking and alignment of data to ensure the integrity of your localized assets.
  • Audio and Art assets can be uploaded and stored, and Audio assets can be linked and played with corresponding string.

What we offer

What it provides

How it can help you

Single Environment to Manage all Localization Efforts XLOC provides the connection between services in the localization production cycle (Translation, LQA, FQA, etc.). All key personnel are connected via technology to manage and track the localization effort.
Continued Enhanced API Integration We continue to enhance our API Integration that allows automation to streamline the development process. Scale your localization efforts by having all language SKU’s developed in-step with your main language development.
In-Line Translation Editing XLOC offers on-line, in-line editing for quick changes. Create speed, efficiency and additional robust workflows; users have many choices in how data is edited.
Powerful Extended Search and Commenting Features Document the terminological and stylistic choices, easily and quickly answer questions related to content at any time. Having a single source of information for all stakeholders saves an incredible amount of time and provides consistent quality.
First Class Support and Customisation Services The XLOC team can continue to provide file and application configuration to accommodate your production flow. You can access additional, expert resources to streamline your current production environment. Available in US, Western European and Asian time zones for fastest support.

Industry Impact







XLOC, part of the Keywords Studios group, is the leading provider of web-based global localization management solutions for the international computer and video games industry. XLOC offers organisational management systems that streamline localization processes and simplify the integration of localization into the development cycle to realise the full potential of the global marketplace. XLOC products are compatible with all major 3D engine technologies, social networking games and vast MMO environments, and can be leveraged as stand-alone products or be combined with XLOC’s consulting and support services. Visit xloc.com for further details.

Linked Waterfall Project (LWP) process

In response to increased market demand and the globalization of games, a growing number of Asia-based video game developers and publishers are seeking more sophisticated localization management solutions. It is essential that these solutions support Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Asian languages (the source) to English language translation (the secondary source), as well as the concurrent translation of English to European languages. XLOC addressed this scenario with their Linked Waterfall Project (LWP) process.

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