The Essential List - Game Localization Tools

Many factors will affect how a game localization turns out. At XLOC, we’re sticklers for streamlining this process and ensuring that our localizations are of the highest quality. That’s why we developed the industry-leading localization management platform that allows our clients to release their games simultaneously worldwide.

We figured out at an early stage that good game localization tools are essential. The best tools allow game developers and other creatives to move ahead with localization without disrupting their existing workflows. We’ve compiled this handy list of game localization tools to take the guesswork out of which you should use.

1. Design Your Own Fonts With FontForge

Some game developers are quite happy with using existing fonts, and there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this approach. However, the crowded games market is forcing more developers to find ways to stand out from competitors. A unique gameplay mechanic, narrative or theme will definitely help with achieving this goal. But so will striking font design, the futuristic racing game – Wipeout – benefited from the identity design and font work by The Designers Republic.

If you can’t hire a top design studio due to budgetary constraints or already have a talented graphic designer on your team then you can create your own fonts. FontForge is a free, open-source, and well-documented font editor that receives code changes on GitHub at regular intervals. It’s available for Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux ensuring that nobody is left out!

2. Rapidly Prototype Your Story With Twine

Experienced game developers plan and then rapidly build a prototype using popular engines such as GameMaker Studio, Unity, and Unreal Engine. These engines are great at bringing game ideas to life quickly, but not ideal for working on branching or complex narratives without investing in plugins.

Fortunately, there’s a free and easy-to-use tool for creating interactive stories known as Twine. It’s so simple that even non-technical members on your team can start crafting and testing narratives in record time. This will allow your team to determine which dialogue trees and story elements work and which don’t, ultimately saving you time and money during the localization process. Twine runs online, and there are downloadable 32-bit versions for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

3. Crowdsource Your Localization Team With Crowdin

It’s always smarter to work with an experienced and reputable translation service or freelancer when localizing your game. However, we do understand that this isn’t always possible for all studios and that some will seek cheaper alternatives. Tools such as Crowdin allow game developers to crowdsource translators, proofreaders, and project managers and then automate the localization process. It also seamlessly integrates with popular repositories such as Bitbucket, GitHub, and GitLab.

4. Get Rid Of Nasty Language With Bad World Filter PRO

If you’re making your game with Unity, and who isn’t nowadays, then you’re aware of the many useful plugins and tools in the asset store. One handy tool that caught our eye is Bad World Filter PRO, which filters out language that’s tasteless and unsuitable for children. It works with over 24 languages utilizing JSON and XML formats and is a high-performance multi-threaded API that can handle thousands of words.

Without a doubt, this tool enhances the quality of a game’s localization significantly and reduces the risk of blowback caused by insensitive or unsuitable words and phrases. It supports Unity 5.3.1 or higher and works together with the popular visual scripting tool, Playmaker, which is also great for prototyping.

5. Control Your Entire Game Localization With XLOC

We’ve pioneered web-based localization tools and believe that we offer the most comprehensive and powerful solution in the industry. You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your entire game development process and workflow with our platform. Moreover, you can automate or control as much of the localization process as you wish. Our platform reduces the costs, risk, and time associated with localization while ensuring that its quality satisfies gamers everywhere.


We’ve listed several awesome tools that will enhance your game localization. These will aid with designing your own fonts, prototyping your narrative, crowdsourcing translators, filtering out bad language, and managing the entire localization process. Contact us to find out how XLOC can invigorate your game’s localization today!