Adapting Video Games into Different Cultures

Adapting video games into various cultural venues can be a challenge in this age of globalization. However, in order to be successful in the field, localization is a priority. Indeed, cultural adaptation cannot be overlooked as some games have failed because the adapted version was not culturally revised for the gamer. That is why developers Read more about Adapting Video Games into Different Cultures[…]

Great Video Game Designs

Great Video Game Designs – Major Elements

Great video game designs feature certain key elements that make them enjoyable to play time and again. When you learn these elements, you too will recognize a great game when it comes your way. Pay attention to the components that make a game stand out and you will find out that the game will offer Read more about Great Video Game Designs – Major Elements[…]

Playing Video Games Boosts Health

Playing Video Games Boosts Overall Health

Playing video games naturally boosts a gamer’s health and immunity. So, if you have been scolding your child about spending too much time gaming, you may have to revamp your thinking. While video games keep playtime inside, they also offer some other advantages that are rather astonishing. Spend an Equal Amount of Time Indoor and Read more about Playing Video Games Boosts Overall Health[…]

Game Localization Decisions

Game Localization Decisions Direct Game Play

Game localization decisions tend to make the business of game playing serous business. Fans, then, do not make the decisions about localization. Instead, the companies, themselves, are the decision-makers. That is because the process can cost a lot of money. Every time localization is undertaken, a company makes a calculated risk. Game Localization Decisions May Read more about Game Localization Decisions Direct Game Play[…]

Japanese Gaming

Japanese Gaming – Impacts on Localization and Development

Japanese gaming, when localized, involves so much more that strategizing globally. That is because economic, geopolitical, local, and cultural components are involved. Plus, Japan has been involved in gaming for quite a long time. Japanese Gaming Impact – Geemu In Japan, the term for game is geemu. However, a video game is often described as Read more about Japanese Gaming – Impacts on Localization and Development[…]

Video Game Localizaton

Video Game Localization and Specialization

Video game localization is nothing to take lightly. When an English video is produced in multiple languages, you need to ensure that the product meets certain criteria. In order to achieve results then, it helps to have a translator play the game. Not only should he experience the game but learn the game’s rules and Read more about Video Game Localization and Specialization[…]

Lag Compensation

Lag Compensation is Used to Solve Game Delays

Lag compensation is often used to resolve delays in game play. That is because lag and game play are not exactly compatible partners. Lag represents a delay between player action and a server’s reaction. In order to prevent lag then, you need to be proactive. For example, it helps to update the network hardware from Read more about Lag Compensation is Used to Solve Game Delays[…]

Localizing Video Games Enhances Game Play

Localizing Video Games Encourages Globalizaton Localizing video games serves to bridge cultural differences. This type of connection is important for the globalization of games. To better understand their uses, translation and localization should be defined. Translation Translation is a process where a source language is changed into a target language. Words are substituted in one Read more about Localizing Video Games Enhances Game Play[…]

Video Game Translation

Video Game Translation – Biggest Challenges

Video game translation is not an easy task. Therefore, developers of games need to understand the complexities of translating games and make the proper allowances. To make this distinction, you have to recognize how this type of translation is unique. For example, if you are a translator who is not familiar with gaming, you might Read more about Video Game Translation – Biggest Challenges[…]

Language Variances in Game Design: Factors to Consider

Language variances and subtleties exist in video game designs because of cultural differences in translations. Therefore, you have to factor in the following elements when you are creating a video game in more than one language: Many games have their own jargon, which makes it difficult for some translators to convert the words into another Read more about Language Variances in Game Design: Factors to Consider[…]