About XLOC

XLOC, part of the Keywords Studios group, is the leading provider of web-based global localization management solutions for the international computer and video games industry. XLOC offers organizational management systems that streamline localization processes and simplify the integration of localization into the development cycle to realize the full potential of the global marketplace. XLOC products are compatible with all major 3D engine technologies, social networking games and vast MMO environments, and can be leveraged as stand-alone products or be combined with XLOC’s consulting and support services. Titles built using XLOC include the Call of Duty® series, the Civilization™ series, Destiny™ series, Bioshock™ series, Fortnite™ and many more.


Founded in 2000, XLOC was the first company to recognize the need for and develop a localization management solution for the video game industry. Why? Because we needed it ourselves. We knew there had to be a better way to overcome the complexities of localization to enable simultaneous multi-language development and shipment of titles worldwide. Once we solved those all-too familiar localization challenges, we wanted to share our solutions with the industry at large.


Today, many companies, from gaming industry giants to the smallest start-ups, rely on XLOC’s revolutionary web-based applications for easy localization management.


We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but also passionate about continuing to evolve our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s producers, developers, LQA teams and translators. One thing that won’t change at XLOC? Our dedication to working with you as a partner, understanding and respecting your processes, and our commitment to making localization as easy and profitable as it can possibly be.

XLOC company Timeline

Meet the Team


Co-Founder, President

As Co-Founder and President of XLOC, Stephanie is focused on enhancing the customer experience for all clients while strengthening and expanding XLOC’s business and strategic relationships. Over the course of her career, she’s worn many hats that now benefit XLOC customers, from software development producer and production consultant to operations executive, for worldwide award-winning educational and entertainment leaders, including Activision, Electronic Arts, Capcom and 2K Games. With over 20 years of localization expertise, Stephanie has successfully sim-shipped hundreds of language versions of high profile titles, including the Call of Duty®, Guitar Hero™, Tony Hawk™, BioShock®, and NBA2K™ Series, Rock Band™, League of Legends®, Fortnite and more. Stephanie holds degrees in both Psychology and Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

A videogame guru and data management technology leader, Mason is the complete system architect for XLOC and remains focused on continually moving XLOC forward for our partners as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to founding and serving as XLOC’s CTO, Mason enjoyed a successful career in game design, development, business-to-business e-commerce and database administration. He has performed key programming roles on numerous high profile titles, including the Zork® and MechWarrior® Series among many others. Moreover, Mason helped to create Activision’s standard US library, served as Chief Technology Officer for Roaring Mouse Entertainment and developed, programmed and managed Networld Exchange’s B2B e-commerce system. This unique combination of game programming, database and content management expertise provided Mason with the skills required to envision create, implement and continue to improve the XLOC system, which is revolutionizing the videogame localization process.


Project Manager

A localization wizard and proven veteran of the videogame industry, Carlos has worked with XLOC in all facets of the localization process for hundreds of games, including Call of Duty®, Fortnite, League of Legends®, 2k sports, among others. With nearly 20 years of gaming industry experience, Carlos has seen the localization process from all sides – from QA Lead at Take Two Licensing, to Senior Localization Project Manager at Activision, and Associate Producer at Spark Unlimited. Bringing his expertise and unique perspective to the XLOC team, Carlos is a calm force in the chaos of project management who understands the pressures our clients are under and meets their needs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Jenny McKearney

Technology Partnership Manager

Jenny has been in the Localization industry since 1995. She started out as a QA employee in Lotus Dublin Ireland, spending time in Microsoft Games before moving to SDL where she cut her teeth as a Loc PM. She then worked as an LPM at Hasbro Interactive, a stint with Nokia followed and then she made her biggest leap of her career moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to take up the Localization Director role with BioWare, a division of EA. Jenny worked on such titles as Jade Empire, the Mass Effect Trilogy, Dragon Age Origins & Dragon Age Inquisition localizing. Jenny left BioWare after a challenging and rewarding 13.5 years and is the Partnership Manager with the XLOC team within the Keywords family. Jenny holds a Computer Science from Queens University, Belfast.

Raphael Scott

XLOC System Programmer

Raphael graduated from North Carolina State University with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Japanese. His experience programming and working with XLOC, as well as his knowledge of the Japanese language, has lead to him becoming the XLOC representative at the Keywords Tokyo office.

Daiki Iriyama

XLOC System Programmer

Daiki’s games industry knowledge and love for languages led him to join XLOC as system programmer in 2017. After moving from Tokyo to Montreal in 2002, he studied Computer Sciences in French. Since graduating he pursued a career in the thriving video games scene of Montreal. Starting out as Japanese LQA at Babel Media, then quickly expanding his industry insights through working in certification, compliance, mobile, global beta test network, translation, voice-over, 3D modeling and automation at VMC, before settling into a FQA/LQA hybrid team lead position for a couple of years. Drawing on this in-depth industry expertise, he develops XLOC products with a customer oriented approach, and helps to streamline the development and usability processes.

Gian Franco Borgo da Silveira

XLOC System Programmer

Gian graduated from Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul with a degree in Information Systems. Worked in Innovation Center of Microsoft as a volunteer for 1 year, and 7 years in DBC Company in Porto Alegre as a Web Developer. In 2017 worked as Localizer for Enzyme/Keywords. With his experience in web development, he moved into XLOC.

Arseniy Politov

XLOC Technical Writer

Arseniy graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. During his studies, he was working as a Russian LQA tester for Babel Media. His interest in the gaming industry along with his engineering skills, led him to begin his career as a Technical Writer at XLOC in 2017. Additionally, with his gained knowledge and experience, he is providing the necessary QA feedback in order to allow a smooth development and integration of new features in XLOC and other applications within Keywords family.