April 16, 2013


Who We Are

Founded in 2000, XLOC was the first company to recognize the need for and develop a localization management solution for the video game industry. Why? Because we needed it ourselves. We knew there had to be a better way to overcome the complexities of localization to enable simultaneous multi-language development and shipment of titles worldwide. Once we solved those all-too familiar localization challenges, we wanted to share our solutions with the industry at large.

Today, hundreds of companies, from gaming industry giants to the smallest start-ups, rely on XLOC’s revolutionary web-based applications for easy localization management.

We’re proud of how far we’ve come, but also passionate about continuing to evolve our solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s producers, developers, QA teams and translators. One thing that won’t change at XLOC? Our dedication to working with you as a partner, understanding and respecting your processes, and our commitment to making localization as easy and profitable as it can possibly be.





"The proof is in the pudding. XLOC knows the pitfalls and nuances of localization. They get the job done right – they ship games on time."

Vice President, Call of Duty® Series

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Why Choose XLOC

XLOC has over 50 years of combined localization and gaming industry expertise with a strong understanding of new media, entertainment and software businesses. Our team in comprised of industry veterans and seasoned technologists, including software development producers, localization project leaders, operations managers, software architects, videogame and data management technology experts, QA leads and more.
XLOC has powered the worldwide simultaneous release of hundreds of award-winning games in multiple languages on every platform, from blockbusters like League of Legends®, the Call of Duty® Series, Borderlands®, BioShock® Resident Evil® and Skylanders® to mobile giants like Kim Kardashian: Hollywood™ and indie titles like Never Alone®. We are committed to helping you reduce risk, lower costs and speed the simultaneous release of games worldwide to capture more revenue.
XLOC takes a partnership approach to solving your localization challenges. Our experts work closely with you to understand your needs and customize our solutions to match your unique development processes, empower creativity and collaboration, and support the simultaneous multi-language release of your game on any platform

Strategic Partners

ncstateXLOC is an established member of the NCSU ePartner Program, which provides a framework for developing and nurturing meaningful collaborative relationships between the global business community and NC State's Department of Computer Science. As an ePartner, XLOC recently sponsored a Year-End Game Development Showcase, enabling a class of 25+ students to conceive, design and create a full gaming experience over the course of a semester. XLOC looks forward to working with NC State to create the next generation of game developers. Learn more NCSU’s current ePartners here.
peak1 XLOC is a Peak 10 Alliance Partner, which enables us to extend our offerings to include secure cloud, enterprise-class data center, secure storage solutions and tailored managed services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Customer-centric, responsive and cost-effective, Peak 10 solutions are designed to scale and adapt to your changing business needs, helping you to increase agility, lower costs, improve performance and focus internal resources on their core competencies. Learn more here.

Our Team


Co-Founder, President

Focused on strengthening and expanding XLOC’s business and strategic relationships, Stephanie has over 15 years of localization expertise and has facilitated sim-shipment of hundreds of industry-leading games, including the Call of Duty®, Guitar Hero™, Tony Hawk™ and NBA2K™ Series among others. Learn more.


Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

A strategic and unique combination of videogame programming, database and content management expertise provided Mason with the skills required to envision, create, implement and continue to improve the XLOC system, which is now revolutionizing the videogame localization process. Learn more.


Project Manager

A localization wizard and proven industry veteran, Carlos is a calm force in the chaos of project management who understands the pressures our clients are under and meets their needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Learn more.



Software Architect

A truly powerful software architect with over 15 years of experience, Jason is our .ASP and .NET expert — always looking toward the future and enhancing XLOC with back-end features that empower efficiencies for our users. Learn more.


Super Dimension Expert Programmer

Raphael is a senior in Computer Science at North Carolina State University, with a minor in Japanese. After using the XLOC tool in his senior games project, he was offered an opportunity to intern with XLOC and gain experience in the localization industry. Learn more.