How You Can Track Language Translations In One Place

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Teams have their hands full when dealing with language translations, especially when these are in multiple languages. Keeping track of all of these is enough to keep project managers on edge as game translations grow in scope. However, not all is doom and gloom, as there are several smart ways and great tools available to stay organized.

Check out some of our handy tips below that will help power up your translation process!

1. Hit Those Trello Boards

Trello is a versatile web application that allows teams of all sizes and remote workers to collaborate on projects efficiently. While not specifically made for language translations, Trello is still suitable for this task as it helps keep all team members informed, organized, and accountable.

What makes Trello so attractive is its clean UI (User Interface) and usability, which allows even new users to jump in and start using its boards, cards, and lists immediately. It’s also incredibly easy to upload and download content and sync Trello across all devices that improve workflow and productivity significantly. All team members invited to your Trello board will be able to work on, submit, and track language translations in one convenient place.

2. An App For All Kinds Of Translations

If your team is preparing translations for websites, mobile apps, or games, and requires a powerful and specialized tool, then PhraseApp is a good option. It aims to simplify localization and automate tasks while keeping track of all changes of locale files in your GitHub repository. The app’s central dashboard makes it easy to keep track of all your translations, monitor all changes made to these, and the ability to revert to older translations.

Several other nifty features of PhraseApp include UTF-8 support, Emoji support, Slack integration, tags, pluralization, translation memory, glossary, machine translation, version control, assignable jobs, screenshot upload, and format conversion. Some of the supported formats are CSV, INI, JSON, PHP Array, Excel XLSX, .NET ResX, Android Strings, iOS Localizable Strings, Java Properties XML, XLIFF, Play Framework Properties, Qt Translation Source, and TMX Translation Memory eXchange.

PhraseApp runs entirely in the browser, making it very convenient for most users and comprehensive documentation and support is available.

3. Centralize Your Translations With Powerful Visual Tools

While PhraseApp is a great solution for your translation management needs, you may prefer a more visually oriented alternative. Smartling automates and simplifies the translation process while providing a handy WYSIWYG visual context portal. Your team’s translators work directly inside this portal, and the context views allow everyone to see how content will look in real-time on the intended devices or websites.

Another area in which Smartling truly shines is with its project management and translation memory capabilities. Project management tools allow real-time collaboration between translators and other team members, cost tracking and optimization, issue management, and advanced reporting on translation data. While the translation memory tools allow the grouping of multiple translation memories and their style guides, secure importing and exporting of private translation memories, and collaboration between translation vendors on the cloud.

All these features will help improve your team’s workflow and productivity, but Smartling also introduces data-driven features. The app’s machine learning capabilities allow for accurate metrics based on your translations, determining the effectiveness of your translation memory, and finding ways to eliminate bottlenecks.


Keeping track of your language translations shouldn’t be daunting, especially when there are so many useful tools available. Trello is a good solution if you’re already using your own translation tools, but need better organization of your translations and team. PhraseApp and Smartling offer an entire suite of translation and management tools that smartly replace a broad range of apps.