Video Game Development – Entrepreneurial Tips

Video game development has burgeoned in the past few years. Games have evolved in exciting ways. If you want to get involved in the video game development process, you have the opportunity to do so. Today, people have access to increasing support and tools so they can excel in the field.

Video Game Development

If you want to start your own video game development company, this can be realized as well. However, you do need to take the pursuit in steps. While your first foray into development may not be polished, it will provide you with the impetus to perfect your development skills.

Video Game Development – Learning the Process

To start a business in video game development, you first need to learn all there is to know about developing a video game. You begin this process by creating a prototype. A prototype is a conceptual plan with the addition of some mechanics. This model will give you a basis from which to begin. Therefore, a prototype provides you with the insight to improve the game’s design.

As you progress in the developmental process, you will experience feature creep – something all developers experience. Feature creep involves problems with scope. If you try to add too much to your initial effort, you will need to scope down.

Therefore, for a first game, see what you can siphon into one mechanic and go from there. For example, begin with a basic mechanic, such as navigating a story, and select menu actions. Think in terms of Donkey Pong instead of a major game, like Tour of Duty. While your first effort may not be sensational, it will still serve as a foundation from which you can build.

Some Helpful Tools

If you do not have computer experience, you can benefit from using such tools as the following:

  • Twine, which allows you to create and select adventure-styled games. The platform features a visual editor that is easy to comprehend. Twine is exceptionally user-friendly.
  • Stencyl is another user-friendly tool, and can be used to support the creation of a wide variety of games. Stencyl permits you to develop games without coding.
  • GameMaker is much like Stencyl with some differences. The tool uses an interface that features a drag-and-drop approach to coding. However, the tool only uses its own language.

If you need to include sounds during video game development, refer to, which features a large array of open-source audio. You can refer to for art, and glean music form SoundCloud.

Practice Makes Perfect

After you have gone through the steps of video game development, have someone play your game. Get his or her reactions. Proceed by doing the whole process over again. Practice makes perfect in video game development, just like anything else.

Once you have the basics understood, you can set up a business developing and marketing your products. This is where you develop a creative team to expand your opportunities. Treat the development company like any other business. Document and produce agreements with clients. You need to make sure there is nothing that is open to dispute. Also, everyone should clearly understand how he or she will be paid.

Who Is Your Audience?

By beginning a small video development studio, you must be willing to do more than develop games. You must develop a business acumen as well.

In addition, consider your audience. Ask the following:

  • What platforms are my audience using?
  • What does my target market use in devices?

You need to always have a backup plan for funding too. Whether the funding originates from savings or another job, you need to make sure you can back your business. In addition, budgeting for your business means avoiding unnecessary costs. You can obtain a good deal of items for free – such as extended licenses for software. Make sure you have enough in your budget for tech spending too.

Develop Professional Relationships

It is also necessary to develop a rapport with professionals who can help you progress in the business, including lawyers, bankers, and accountants. You need these peoples’ input to succeed. Funding a video game studio takes money. If you need funding, look to angel investors as sources to keep you afloat.

When you start, again, you need to pay special attention to how you spend your money. For example, it is not necessary to rent space immediately. Also, you do not need to form a registered company until after you have worked on several team projects. By careful spending and planning, you can realize your goals. Just makes sure you stay realistic in your approach.



Creator – Ugur Akdemir