Great Video Game Designs – Major Elements

Great video game designs feature certain key elements that make them enjoyable to play time and again. When you learn these elements, you too will recognize a great game when it comes your way. Pay attention to the components that make a game stand out and you will find out that the game will offer you many hours of gaming enjoyment.

Great Video Game Designs

Great Video Game Designs

Great Video Game Designs Factor in Player Engagement and Immersion

Obviously, if you are going to fully savor game play, you want to become fully engaged, if not immersed, in the experience. Great video game designs take this factor into account. Therefore, designers create a game that makes the player feel like he or she is part of the game’s environment. Naturally, certain game components may interrupt this illusion from time to time. However, the immersive experience is quickly restored. Therefore, the key to better engagement and immersion is to focus less on mechanics and more on the escape.

Therefore, great video game designs that are immersive enable you to enter the game’s world and become the game’s protagonist. When you lose sight that you are playing a game, the game has met its objective to providing the ideal escape.

The Music of the Game is Also a Key Element in Great Designs

Along with the immersive effect of the game, music should be considered in a game’s overall appeal. After all, a great soundtrack can make or break how you feel about a game. Therefore, the right type of music can put a player in just the right frame of mind to fully enjoy game play. If you are waging battle, you need to have just the right music to challenge or defeat your enemies.

Certain iconic games, such as Mario, would not have gained the popularity it had without video game music to support game play. Even when games were not as sophisticated, the music sets the tone for battle or for entering certain structures, such as castles or spooky houses.

Are You Addicted to the Game?

Great video game designs also lead to addiction. Usually, this type of addiction is more pronounced if a featured character progresses through the game. Therefore, video games that are addictive make the player care about the welfare of the character. While this type of effect is hard to measure, it will still be experienced in games that offer a great design.

Visuals during Game Play

Another component of great video game designs are visuals. While visuals may be overstated at times they are still a major element in a game’s design. Although a game can be played without high-end type images, it still will not appeal to a gamer like a game that highlights an excellent artistic style and vivid and notable graphics.

Creating Space

Great designing also includes features such as the visual space, sounds, colors, and lighting. The space that is produced influences what takes place during a game and the types of characters that are created. The space for the game is its foundation.

The Goals of the Game

The goals of the game are important as well as they open up the opportunities for strategizing how the game will be played. For example, is there only one method to winning the game or can you choose from various paths to achieve success? Also, is the game designed for one or more players? Can the other players continue in their quest if another player wins? Great game designs involve the player, whether one or more people play.

What Components are Included in the Game?

Once the space, formatting, and goals are established, the characters are included in a game’s design as well as such elements as weapons, mazes, or dice. All the elements should contribute to a specific purpose in the game. Otherwise, they can become distracting.

Consider the Mechanics

As noted, it is important to place the engagement offered by a video game over mechanics. Yet, the mechanics of a video game are still essential. The mechanics represent the activities or functions of the characters and items. The mechanics of a game outline the restrictions that are placed on a game’s characters and therefore ad a certain level of challenge for a game.

What are the Rules of the Game?

Naturally, the rules of the game are important too. You need some type of framework established to find out what you can and cannot do. When the rules are challenging, they can make for some interesting game play and lead to a better experience and engagement.

Designing the Ultimate Game

Good designers begin any design initiative by defining all the aforementioned elements for a game. This is done before any code is written or the interface is developed. When you take the time to review the above elements for a video game, you can continue to reference them if you are designing a game. When you understand what it takes to make a great game design, you can develop and produce a game that not only entertains gamers but is much more exciting and immersive.

Reviewing the Lure of Great Game Designs

Therefore, game designs indeed plays a major role in how a game is received. Many people are not aware of the elements that make a video game a success. When you note what players like and do not like about a game, it is easier to create a design that is well-revered by the gaming public.

Deciding on the Soundtrack

Again, players want to become immersed in the game experience or feel as though they have escaped to another place and time. This is one of the main reasons that gamers are drawn to the activity. In addition, music is one feature that cannot be discounted as it causes you to feel a certain way about a game. Therefore, the music should not be downplayed when making decisions concerning a game’s creation.

Visuals and Images

Visuals also make gamers feel glued to the dynamics of game play – yet another reason why some games are better received than others.

What do you think creates a great game design? If you are like most gamers, you will say it comes down to engagement and the challenge of progressing through each part of the exercise.



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