Playing Video Games Boosts Overall Health

Playing video games naturally boosts a gamer’s health and immunity. So, if you have been scolding your child about spending too much time gaming, you may have to revamp your thinking. While video games keep playtime inside, they also offer some other advantages that are rather astonishing.

Playing Video Games Boosts Health

Playing Video Games Boosts Health

Spend an Equal Amount of Time Indoor and Outdoors Playing Video Games

However, that does not mean you or your kids should spend the livelong day playing video games. You still need to expand your horizons by enjoying outdoor physical activities. So, that Xbox that is getting a good workout itself right now might be better used about three days per week, or on weekends.

Playing Video Games Improve the Condition of Dyslexia

For anyone dyslexic, gaming proves to be quite advantageous. Researchers theorize that attention issues lead to dyslexia. However, when children play video games, their focus returns, thereby reducing the problem. According to the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, when someone suffers from dyslexia, it takes longer for their brain to connect when reading. However, if students listen to books on CD or a tape and read along at the same time, their condition improves.

Offering a Better Way to Concentrate

That is the same with a video game. When you are listening to the dialogue and playing along, you are making full use of such skills as memorization, observation, and listening.

Computer Gaming Also Improves the Vision

While you might think sitting close to a video screen might negatively affect your eyesight, the opposite appears to be true. Instead, studies reveal that computer gaming improves the vision. That is because gaming strengthens the eye muscles and also causes the gamer to search for details on the screen.

Get Rid of those Stubborn Additional Pounds

Because certain games involve physical activities, they assist you or your children in becoming more active too. Certain games, such as Guitar Hero or Just Dance involve dancing. When you play these kinds of games then, you lose weight and improve your posture.

Enhance your Creative Ability and Get a Raise

In addition, video gaming enables players to enhance their creativity. For example, games like Minecraft or The Sims, allow gamers to build houses and produce worlds. Stories are told through gaming too – each which continue to develop with each session of play.

Developing creativity in this manner can also help people at work. For instance, if you learn how to manage certain circumstances on the job, you can become a more valuable employee. As a result, a chain reaction develops when people use their gaming skills on the job – one that elevates a person’s role at work as well.

Good for the Memory

In addition, research shows that playing video games is good for the memory and cognition. Gamers keep their memories sharp because they identify patterns in games and must remember characters and missions as well as a game progresses.

After all, trying to beat high scores can only make the memory and cognitive traits stronger. So, you can be a kid all your life when you participate in gaming and protect your brain from aging.

Get Rid of the Pain of Arthritis

Gaming offers another solid health benefit too. If you suffer from any joint or arthritis pain, playing a video game can reduce the discomfort. That is because gaming activities take your thoughts away from the thought of pain. So, instead of taking aspirin to ease your joint pain, sit on your couch and play a game for a period of 20 minutes or more. You will soon forget that you are in any pain at all.

Reduce Your Caloric Intake

In addition, gaming keeps players’ minds off snacking. Snacking often results from emotions. Either you are bored or anxious. Therefore, you reach for a snack to stay busy or occupied. However, a video game can also keep you occupied and reduce your caloric intake at the same time.

So, are you ready to improve your health? If so, you need to start playing video games on a regular basis. Make the most of the experience and improve your mental and physical condition at the same time.


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