Game Localization Decisions

Game Localization Decisions Direct Game Play

Game localization decisions tend to make the business of game playing serous business. Fans, then, do not make the decisions about localization. Instead, the companies, themselves, are the decision-makers. That is because the process can cost a lot of money. Every time localization is undertaken, a company makes a calculated risk. Game Localization Decisions May Read more about Game Localization Decisions Direct Game Play[…]

Japanese Gaming

Japanese Gaming – Impacts on Localization and Development

Japanese gaming, when localized, involves so much more that strategizing globally. That is because economic, geopolitical, local, and cultural components are involved. Plus, Japan has been involved in gaming for quite a long time. Japanese Gaming Impact – Geemu In Japan, the term for game is geemu. However, a video game is often described as Read more about Japanese Gaming – Impacts on Localization and Development[…]

Video Game Localizaton

Video Game Localization and Specialization

Video game localization is nothing to take lightly. When an English video is produced in multiple languages, you need to ensure that the product meets certain criteria. In order to achieve results then, it helps to have a translator play the game. Not only should he experience the game but learn the game’s rules and Read more about Video Game Localization and Specialization[…]