Apple iOS Wins over Android for Game Development

Apple iOS beats Google’s Android for play-on-the-go. While both of the pocket-sized devices are popular, gamers have a richer experience using the iOS.  Comparatively, the iOS brings in higher revenues while the Android has more users. Nevertheless, Apple’s mobile platform offers more game flexibility.

Apple iOS is the winning platform for developing and playing games.

Apple iOS Wins Over Android for Game Development

Apple iOS Wins in App Development

For example, if you are using an Android, you will find that you cannot play the slot machines at Royal Vegas unless you use the casino’s browser. Google’s Play store does not list real money casino apps. So, if you choose to install the app from another source, you expose yourself to risk.

On the other hand, the Royal Vegas app for the iPhone or iPad is featured in the Apple app store. The Apple iOS platform is a preferred site for gaming service providers that handle real money. Therefore, developing apps for the Apple iOS is easier as the iPhone itself is continually updated. The given hardware and software make it easier for developers to produce or plan future applications.

While the Android runs on approximately 80% of the world’s smartphones, this worldwide influence also creates development problems. The phones that are in use that operate the Android 2.2 or the current version of the Lollipop are limited. These operations are only deployed on a minimum number of devices as well. As a result, the dilemma creates a development challenge. Developers must produce games that operate on a much wider range of devices.

Users versus Navigation

Gamers who select a mobile OS find that both the Apple and Android platforms highlight a large selection of games and apps. Plus, very few of the selections are exclusive to one site. While the Android wins in terms of users, the Apple iOS platform is easier to navigate.

A Cleaner and More Attractive OS

The current Apple iOS platform is bright and contemporary. Its slick animations convey a sense of depth. These kinds of upgrades make the platform easy to understand. Plus, the Apple iOS features uniformity across both its iPhones and iPads. No alternative interfaces exist. The end result, for the user and gamer, is a cleaner and more attractive operating system (OS). The latest in software is immediately available for use as well.

When assessed by developers and users, the iOS wins compliments for its stylish, uniform, and basic interface. Each aspect of the iOS has been carefully scrutinized and designed by Apple. Users do not have to worry about a clutter of apps or a tacky interface. Gamers claim that the icons, animations, and apps of the iOS make it a preferred navigational tool.

Traditionally as well as now, the Apple iOS is considered more lucrative and easier to develop. The Android, however, is working at surpassing its competition. Currently, the Google Play Store maintains a higher percentage of free apps over the App Store. However, the Apple App store still wins in terms of new apps, sales of expensive games, and a simpler interface. Users can also pay for their apps with Apple Pay. Downloads are confirmed with a user’s fingerprint for increased security. When you read customer testimonials, the games for the iOS receive higher marks.

Why the iOS System is Better

The best mobile games are also featured on iOS first. The design of the apps, like the platform, are both stylish and uniform. So, if you place a great deal of emphasis on design, then the iPhone was made for your gaming experiences.

The Android may be a winner in terms of customization or battery life. However, if you use your phone for mobile gaming, you will find the experience more rewarding on the Apple iOS.