Apple iOS Wins over Android for Game Development

Apple iOS beats Google’s Android for play-on-the-go. While both of the pocket-sized devices are popular, gamers have a richer experience using the iOS.  Comparatively, the iOS brings in higher revenues while the Android has more users. Nevertheless, Apple’s mobile platform offers more game flexibility. Apple iOS Wins in App Development For example, if you are Read more about Apple iOS Wins over Android for Game Development[…]

Multi-language solutions are required to create today's video games.

Multi-language Solutions Create Game Visibility

Multi-language solutions for mobile gaming makes games more accessible to users. That is why game translation and localization are necessary. Plus, multi-language game development is desirable in terms of functionality. Multi-language Solutions Create A Challenge While the development for multi-language solutions takes longer, using interpreted languages streamlines tuning and design. Today, game developers lead the Read more about Multi-language Solutions Create Game Visibility[…]


Proper Translations Enrich the Gaming Experience

Proper translations make it possible for gamers to better relate to the game they are playing. Translations help based on their culture and locale. It’s something that developers can’t bypass. Correct translations and localization are critical. A Global Community Besides video and online games, translation extends to such items as the safety instructions for your car, Read more about Proper Translations Enrich the Gaming Experience[…]