Video Game Translation Boosts Product Success

Video game translation can only boost your product sales. That is why it is important to enhance your supporting documentation or scripts. While you may assume most gamers speak English, translation has to extend to other languages too. That is because around 62% of people speak English online. However, that leaves almost 40% of gamers speaking another language. That is why a professional video game translation is imperative.

Video game translation boosts sales dramatically.

Video game translation boosts sales dramatically.

#1 – Increase Your Audience

One major reason to translate all parts of a video game script has to do with sales. When you support your gaming content with multi-lingual options, it means much more in the way of profits. As noted above, utilizing only English pares down your audience to around 60%.

Within the past few years, an increased number of non-English web pages and video games have been produced. Therefore, you cannot ignore this fact in the gaming world.

#2 – Enhance SEO

By translating supporting documentation, you also enhance SEO. Multilingual support is essential if you want the search engines to capture your gaming products online. Plus, you won’t get penalized by Google for duplicate content because the script is in various languages. That is why a professional translation is important. You cannot get this kind of result by using an auto-translate tool.

#3 – Stand Out from the Competition

There is no better way today to stand out from the competition than to produce games that cut across worldwide barriers linguistically. By having language translations in place, you can literally tap into other markets – markets that many of your competitors have not yet reached.

#4 – Engage and Retain Your Audience

Audiences enjoy video games more that are translated into their local language. Plus, when supporting documentation is translated, it makes it easier for you to obtain user feedback. In addition, video game translation makes it simpler for you to use social media in order to introduce your products, and engage and retain users. When gamers share their experiences online, it makes its possible for you to further extend your reach.

#5 – Expand Your Reach Globally

Given the previous information, you can see that video game translation makes it possible to expand across the world, or to popularize a video game in a variety of locations. That is why translating video games is a major priority – a consideration that should be given precedence in the video game field and market.

Localizing Your Games

While localization can be complex, you still want to make sure that your video games are translated so they can be accessed by a wider audience. During this stage of game development then, you may wonder what languages you should choose for localization purposes. Preliminary research will reveal that languages groupings fall under FIGS or CJK.


FIGS represents the languages of French, Italian, German, and Spanish while CJK covers the languages of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Both these language groupings are exceptionally popular in the gaming field.

Is Your Game A Good Fit for Your Audience?

However, you still may ask yourself if you really need that many languages. For example, will Italian gamers want to install and play your game, or will German gamers enjoy your genre? Before making multiple translations then, you need to find out if your game will fit in with the interests of the gamers who speak the translation language.

To truly utilize translation in your games then, you need to make sure that your game can be adapted to the gaming audience. So, you still need to make use of multiple languages. Just make sure that each culture and language you select are a good match for your entertainment.