Video Games We Can Never Forget: The Top Five Selections

Video games today stand out in the form of indie titles, mobile games and social gaming. However, the following video games make the mark in terms of scope, narrative, and built-in mechanics. Indeed, the following games remind us why we love gaming. They also remind us why the pursuit is still strong among the current generation.


Video Games Such as Dark Souls Revolutionized Gaming

Video Games Such as Dark Souls Revolutionized Gaming

Dark Souls

Released on October 4, 2011, Dark Souls elicits mainstream appeal but with a darker intent. Living up to its name, Dark Souls is an evolutionary creation of its predecessor, Demon’s Souls. The dark fantasy video game draws gamers into its portals before closing them into the gaming landscape. Skeletons, in turn, armed with shivs, leap out unexpectedly. However, the players do not feel like failures when playing the game. They simply are not ready for the surprises.

The game offers players an open world where RPG combat is the main feature. The competitive multiplayer concept enables participants to find out where they went wrong during combat.

Mass Effect 2

Released on January 26, 2010, Mass Effect 2 is a game of the Mass Effect series. While the third installment, Mass Effect 3, betrayed gamers’ expectations, Mass Effect 2 fulfilled them happily. Fans of this carefully crafted space opera enjoy the scripts created for this sequel game.

When the stiffness is ironed out of the first Mass Effect game, the second Mass Effect game becomes fun to play. ME2 improves the shooting element of the game, which, in turn, enhances the RPG elements. The game embraces a hero’s adventure, outshining the first Mass Effect in almost every way.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

This game, which was released on October 13, 2009, is a cinematic experience. The game is a movie that offers players an interactive journey. Therefore, it offers all the visually impressive details that are seen on the silver screen. Anyone who first experienced the game in 2009 thinks it is the game to end all gaming.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami was released on October 23, 2012. The game, which can be likened to a virus, features a deceptively simple design, with its more insidious features not easily recognized. However, the infection it creates is awesome.

The game highlights a 2D shooter and a musical direction that cannot be surpassed. The thematic thrust of the game is characterized by a nameless protagonist, who is dubbed “jacket” by gamers – someone who is fond of letter jackets, without a given name.

Gameplay is simple. The gamer receives a voicemail recording of a target and location. He then proceeds to point A to assassinate target B. Each phase is broken down so players can move forward through hotels, apartment buildings, and condos. The moving and shooting mechanic is carefully and skillfully tuned to test the gamer’s reflex. While the learning curve is steeper than it is in other games, it is also exceptionally rewarding.

However, the game also causes more contemplative players to question their comfort with violence. Because the game sequences move so quickly, players don’t have much time to sit down and reflect.

The Last of Us

The Last of Us, which was released June 14, 2013, is an apocalypse type game that is clichéd and depressing. However, the game is also one that is difficult not to play – better than what most gamers expect in a video game. The zombies in the game are not so much brain-hungry creatures as they are tools of a virus.

The game’s protagonists, Joel and Ellie, travel through what is left of Austin, Texas in the first chapter of game. Needless to say, the game is full of suspense, given the collapse and destruction that awaits. The visuals of the game are near-perfect, adding to the dynamics of the landscape.


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