Gamers Love Video Games That Are Language-friendly

Gaming is a popular form of entertainment. Therefore, mobile apps are now used for gaming activities. Depending on the location, gaming extends to social platforms as well. Mobile gaming and social gaming are a part of daily life. As a result, developers of games regularly use translation services.




The Top 5 Languages Spoken by Mobile App Gamers

Most mobile app gamers speak English. Gamers, who speak English, live in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada. In addition to these countries, a large number of players live in Asia. Players download most mobile apps from Google Play.

Mobile App Language Rankings

When you review app use, gamers speak the following top five languages:

  1. English
  2. Japanese
  3. Korean
  4. Chinese
  5. German

Where Mobile Games are Regularly Played

Most of the gamers in Western Europe live in Germany, France, and Italy. Therefore, many mobile gamers come from:

  1. North America
  2. Asia Pacific
  3. Western Europe

As a result, gamers who download apps mainly speak English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, or German.

When broken down by region then, most of the gamers from Western Europe speak German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, or Italian.

Although Portuguese is a top Western European language, the language’s popularity originates from Brazil. In fact, Brazilians contribute to the largest market share of mobile use in South America. The game play among Latin Americans is up 60%.

Top Five Languages Spoken Among Social Gamers

Social gamers speak the following top five languages:

  1. Mandarin
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. Russian
  5. Japanese

This list of languages shows that social gaming is popular where traditional gaming is limited. IT-driven cultures, such as Japan, also enjoy social gaming activities.

Turn-based Game Play

Social games are often defined as turn-based games. Therefore, players take turns playing a game. As a result, language is an important consideration. The following languages prove that translation services are regularly used and needed worldwide.

 #1 – Mandarin

Most of the Chinese-speaking population likes social games. One of the popular games is First Person Shooter. The game, which is a product of the Chinese company, Tencent, is a favorite among the Mandarin-speaking populace.

#2 – Spanish

Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the world. The language is also translated more than other languages. Spanish is also spoken regularly by social gamers.

#3 – Portuguese – The Official Language of Brazil

Because of its likeness to Spanish, Portuguese is often spoken by social gamers. That is because Portuguese is the official language of Brazil. The country lacks traditional consoles for its large population. Therefore, gamers play social games instead. Because of their interest in social gaming, Brazilians have made the activity one of the most popular pastimes in Latin America.

# 4 – Russian

Russians cannot access traditional consoles easily. Therefore, a large number of social gamers speak Russian. In fact, Russia’s social gaming market is valued at just over $1 billion. The market is the second biggest in Europe.

#5 – Japanese

Because they follow the latest IT trends, the Japanese love playing social games. The Japanese also enjoy using their smartphone, which makes social gaming an ongoing activity.

As you can see, gamers speak a variety languages. The marketplace and the use of apps play major roles in defining language use and development.

Image Reference : Flickr