A Look At The Big News From E3 This Year

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The Last Guardian went several years without any announcements of production progress. Image: Playstation

The biggest gaming expo of the year just concluded a couple weeks ago: E3.

There was a lot of great info to come out of the expo.

Here’s a look at some of the exciting announcements to come out of this year’s event!

Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One

Upon its initial release back in 2013, the Xbox One’s sales numbers were plagued by the lack of backwards compatibility, which would allow people to carry over their libraries of Xbox 360 games into the next generation of consoles. Combine that with a rather weak starting lineup of exclusive games, and the Xbox One has been playing catch-up to the PS4 and Wii U ever since.

But with the announcement that the Xbox One will now be able to run the titles of its predecessor, the power dynamic of the current generation of consoles is likely to change. Backwards compatibility is a boon that’s value cannot be overstated, and adding this feature to the Xbox One is a move that will likely result in noticeable jump in sales. With this thought in mind, the Xbox One has not only made itself more appealing to consumers, but developers looking to launch games as well.

Remakes and Revitalizations

Everything that is old is new again, it seems, as remakes and sequels had a dominating presence at E3.

From renewing relatively new series with titles such as Fallout 4 and Gears of War 4 to more unexpected continuations to IPs such as Star Fox and Shenmue. Shenmue 3 in particular came as a surprise, but the fact that the 2 million dollar Kickstarter goal that Sony announced during the presentation was funded within a matter of hours proved that there was no shortage of interest in the project. It’s planned date of release is December of 2017, and it is to be released on PS4 and PC.


Perhaps even more unpredictable was the reveal of a new Nier title.

Nier was a game that may have gone unnoticed by larger audiences, but it was a solid title that delivered an experience that is quintessentially Taro Yoko. That being said, it was not a game that begged a sequel—in fact, it stood quite strong all on its own.

But with Yoko once again at the helm of production and Platinum Games working on the project, this game is already drawing people’s attention, and it has a lot of potential to surprise people who may be unfamiliar with Taro Yoko’s fascinating and unique style of dark fantasy. So far it has only been announced to be for PS4.

The Last Guardian

As unexpected as some of these games may have been, none could come as such a blindside as The Last Guardian.

Originally showcased at E3 in 2009, The Last Guardian was highly anticipated at the time and planned to be released as a PS3 exclusive. But as the years came and went and there were no updates to be heard of, The Last Guardian was talked about less and less until the project was considered to be dead by many a disappointed fan. Directed by Fumito Ueda of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus fame, The Last Guardian is still exciting crowds, despite the six year hiatus.

The announcement has enlightened people that The Last Guardian is far from dead, and instead is to be release as a PS4 game in 2016.

Final Fantasy

What was the most exciting announcement for many E3 viewers was perhaps the least surprising one.

Fans of Final Fantasy IIV have been clamoring for a remake for quite some time, and most could guess that Square Enix would eventually revisit what is arguably their most beloved title. Especially considering the recent trend of nostalgia in gaming production, the announcement of a new Final Fantasy IIV was almost expected.

It has been stressed that this is not a mere remastering of the original, but instead is meant to improve it. There is no predicted time for when the remake shall be released.


This year’s E3 was full of surprises, and with the variety of new projects that have been announced, there is plenty to be enthusiastic about in the days to come.

It also seems that companies in the gaming industry continue to look for ways to expand and part of that strategy involves attracting wider markets throughout the globe. That’s been a trend the last few years and continues this year and beyond.