An Early Look At New Games Coming Later This Year

New Games for 2015

A scene from the newest Batman video game – 2015

Summer and Fall 2015 are set to be full of adventure and action with the release of several anticipated titles. Here’s an early look at a few of the new games coming later this year:

Batman: Arkham Knight

Release Date: June 23, 2015

Available on: XBOX One, PS4, PC

Although this game was originally set to be released in October of last year, the delay has not caused any significant fan loss. Internet chatter and mainstream media continue to anticipate the release of Batman: Arkham Knight with excitement and interest.

Batman: Arkham Knight is a Warner Bros video game based on the popular and worldwide famous DC Comics superhero Batman. This game will be the fourth in a series of Batman: Arkham gaming products.

One new feature in this release is Batman’s extended gliding capabilities. Users can glide Batman through the sky with his cape to get longer flight time, faster speed, and steeper climbs. However, the best new feature is the bullet-proof interactive Batmobile.

Pre-orders of Batman: Arkham Knight will come with the Harley Quinn add-on. This sexy female character gives players a unique twist with specialized weapons and abilities. Plus, the add-on includes four maps for an added challenge!

Lego Jurassic World

Release Date: June, 2015 (Exact date TBA)

Available on: XBOX One, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U, PC, 3DS

Meant to coincide with the release of the movie Jurassic World, set for release on June 12, 2015, this Lego game is likely to be a strong hit. The movie itself should attract more attention than the previous two productions in the Jurassic series.

Although Lego Jurassic World is launching alongside the newest in a movie series, it will include elements from all four films. Over 100 dinosaur characters, each with special abilities, are available for gamers to choose from.

Since Lego is producing game versions for eight different consoles, the customer base can be much wider than other games set for release this year. This two-player game will probably reach family and youth audiences as the strongest group of reactants, but die-hard Jurassic Park fans of all ages can enjoy this production.

Want a sneak peak that shows how the game relates to the movie? Watch this inventive Lego version video trailer for Jurassic World on Youtube:


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Release Date: September 1 and 2, 2015

Available on: XBOX One, PS4, XBOX 360, PS3

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a sequel game to Ground Zeroes and is set to be much more complex than the initial course.

In this stealth war video game, players take on the character of Venom Snake (aka Big Boss) in a dense arrangement of open-world spaces. A female character named Quiet is notable too, mainly because of some controversy revolving around her erotic appearance. Like Ground Zeroes, the installment of The Phantom Pain will include many weapons building and home base operations as well as exploratory sessions. An online multiplayer option will also be available through Metal Gear Online.

It’s possible that this game will be the last that Hideo Kojima directs under the Konami and Kojima Productions name, according to many rumors in gaming circles. Despite that, this game should still be a powerful knockout with supportive fans and lots of entertainment hours. In addition to the standard release, a special Collector’s Edition will also be released on September 1.

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[Photo Credit: Batman Arkham Knight]