Where Games Are Growing In Popularity Around The World

Video Game Popularity Around the World

Several gaming hotspots have been revealed around the world — USA, Vietnam, and others are seeing a rising growth in the industry.

Gaming is a growing industry worldwide, but where are the key hotspots right now? Check out this list for an evidence based assessment of the growing popularity of gaming in certain countries around the world.


Evidence of the continued growth of the gaming market in the USA exists via several tangible developments.

The first USA-based professional video gaming arena is scheduled to be built in Ohio. Such stadiums have already been in use in Asian countries for some years, but the backing for such a building in the USA indicates a rise in popularity.

Another growth indicator is the widespread outrage at the Xbox and PlayStation outages experienced over the Christmas holiday break. Mainstream media reports show how widely these outages affected consumers.


The Vietnam based GEARS studio has put the country in the limelight for the past year. The company’s Flappy Bird game was listed by Google as the Most Searched-For game of 2014. Although the mobile game is not available on iOS, there are several knock-off versions that easily clue in industry execs as to the game’s popularity. The explosion of popularity of this singular game gives strong indication that Vietnam game makers are on trend to produce more like-minded games with similar results.


Nigerian middle- and upper-class shopping districts feature pay-to-play video game centers where youthful men and women play an array of console games. These popular hangout spots continue to be good money makers and show the rising popularity of gaming in the African nation.

However, there are also challenges to the development of games in Nigeria. One game producer wants to create custom tailored games that express the realities of Nigerian life. It is believed by some that the games currently on market do not maximize their potential for the Nigerian cultural mindset.

Another current challenge is the Ebola epidemic. The inaugural West Africa Gaming Expo was set to be held in Lagos, Nigeria in the summer. Unfortunately, the expo had to be rescheduled to December due to the spread of the ravaging disease.


Spending on video games has increased in Australia over the past year, with an amazing 43.9% uptick in October 2014. This spending habit shows the growing popularity of gaming. Also, Microsoft recently announced live servers for online gamers in Australia and New Zealand. The increased speed for live access to games should also naturally encourage more gaming hours and increased popularity.


The looming technology giant, China, is definitely set to see continue growth in the popularity of gaming — consoles, social media games, and mobile apps are all on trend. Although much of Western mainstream social media gaming is censored in the communist country, smaller regional start-ups have taken their place.

Additionally, all generations of Chinese are generally obsessed with mobile devices, gaming being one popular aspect of these handy devices. Because commuting long distances is common for both students and workers, the travel time is often lightened by the enjoyment of games.

Many predict China will be the number one leader in technology within five years. If that proves true, you can be sure gaming will be amongst the portfolio.

Other Gaming Hotspots

There are, of course, many other hotspots where gaming is growing in popularity. Eastern Europe is one such place. The widening use of credit cards and electronic debit cards has made game downloads and purchases easier in the once cash-dominated region. Brazil remains the gaming popularity center of South America. The recent de-ban on exchanges between the USA and Cuba could mean a new market in the Caribbean island nation. There are other areas where gaming interesting is rising, but where piracy is a problematic obstacle to gaining statistical evidence.

What other signs have you noticed of the growing popularity of gaming around the world? Share your thoughts with us here!

[Photo Credit: Valentin Ottone]