6 Online Courses That Offer Great Game Development Programs

online game development programs

Learning game development skills from home is a convenient way to advance your career

Taking online courses is a convenient and cost-effective solution for career training. Presently, most recruiters in the game industry care more about what you know than an actual degree.

Anyone can start learning the techniques and skills needed to start a career in game development at nearly any time in life. A teenager can be career ready immediately upon high school graduation or someone looking for a career change due to job loss or boredom can equally obtain access to online learning. Online programs make it easy to study in your own privacy, style, and schedule.

Check out these six online offerings for some great game development programs accessible by internet.

1. Game Institute

Every aspect of game development — programming, art and graphics design, game design, and storyline development — can be learned via the online courses at Game Institute.

This online school was founded in 2001 and has since remained one of the top institutions to offer professional development training in this field. Because they only specialize in game development, you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date information with industry experts.

2. Full Sail University

Full Sail University offers a large variety of online courses and has a major focus on artistic and creative design. So, of course, game development is offered as well. This online school is for those who want to complete a full Bachelor’s Degree in Game Design. This entails a larger commitment than many of the other programs we mention, but the dense learning also provides a more well-rounded education.

3. Coursera

Coursera offers online classes in a variety of broad or niche subjects relating to game development. The offerings are always changing and rotating, so be sure to check regularly for a class that may be perfect for you. For example, a 4-week “Game Theory” class will begin in February 2014 and is sponsored by the University of Tokyo. Courses in programming, theory, game play and strategy are usually among the regular offerings.

4. Make Games With Us

Make Games With Us offers continuing education for those already familiar with various programming experience including Objects, Methods, Classes, Class Inheritance (Subclasses, Superclasses), Instance Variables, and Class Variables. In other words, this is not for beginners. By partnering with prestigious schools such as MiT, Cal State, and Carnegie Mellon University, this website is able to offer some selective courses not found elsewhere.

After the reasonable fees are paid, students can work at their own pace to complete the classes. No deadlines makes this easy for those who need to improve their skills, but who have a busy personal or professional life.

5. Codecademy

Codeacademy is the perfect place for those with no programming experience to start. Taking courses with Codeacademy allows users to learn a new skill and determine if his/her interest is deep enough to truly pursue a career in game development.

Python, Ruby, and other computer languages are taught in a user-friendly way that makes this school a great place for beginners.These skills are absolutely essential for anyone just starting out in the world of game development. The best part? All courses with Codeacademy are free.

6. Teamtreehouse

Teamtreehouse is another online collection of easy to follow classes with track offerings in computer languages, design skills, business, and website development. In particular, this is the starting place for those interested in development of games with iOS (i.e. iPhone apps.) There are also classes for Android app development.

Have you taken courses from any of the above game development programs? What was your experience?

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