The Most Popular Gaming Consoles In Different Countries Around The World

best selling game consoles by country

Gamers show their preference for certain consoles according to their country of residence

The worldwide gaming industry is on the rise. Revenue from the global video game market is expected to expand from $68-billion in 2013 to an astonishing $96-billion in 2018.

So, what are the most popular game consoles? Take a look at this list to find out per country data regarding game console sales and use. You’ll notice there are a few key players to keep an eye on.


Play Station 4 and XBOX One continue to trip over each other’s feet in the race for the number one spot. As of August 2014, Play Station 4 was in the lead as the current number one contender for most popular game console in the USA by sales this year.

Alternatively, if you want to count popularity according to Facebook “Likes” and chatter, rather than sales reports, one company has done so. According to one report, the XBOX One is the most popular console by American Facebook users. They’ve even mapped it out according to state, with the Wii console not winning even a single state.


The Nintendo DS remains top choice in the country of its origin — Japan. No doubt Nintendo focuses a lot of its marketing effort on its home territory, and their key audience has responded well. But even worldwide, Nintendo continues to vie for the number one best selling game console ever by sparring regularly with Play Station.

United Kingdom (UK)

With more than 10 million consoles sold, the best selling console ever in the UK is the Play Station 2. For the year 2013, Play Station 4 was the cream of the crop with the XBOX 360 steadily climbing up the ladder as well — surpassing both Nintendo and Wii.


Sony’s Play Station has remained in the number one spot for popularity in Australia for the past three years. Ranking above Wii and Nintendo, the Play Station console also holds the number one spot for Australia’s preferred game titles. Grand Theft Auto V, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the Play Station 3 console have been the most popular titles for the past three years, respectively.


Present in a whopping 41.2% of Brazilian homes, the Play Station 2 is the current reigning console in Brazil. However, many households own more than one console, as can be deduced from the figures showing that XBOX 360 is present in 40.6% of homes and Play Station 3 owned by a close 40.5% of players.


By default, Microsoft’s XBOX One is the most popular console choice in China. That’s because it is the only current and legal choice in almost 15 years. Gaming consoles were banned in China in 2000 because of fears of the impact that gaming would have on the minds of children. The recent breakthrough of legality regarding the XBOX is the first step towards reintroduction of video gaming for the masses in China.

What This Means For Game Developers, Publishers, and Marketers

 most popular video game consoles by country

Video game consoles by Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo continue to compete for the number one spot in popularity worldwide

Deciding who your target audience will be is the first objective in a sales strategy, but second is knowing what your target prefers for a console.

Game developers and publishers can make certain advancements when considering where to boost their advertising efforts in specific countries. Knowing the most popular consoles per country gives game marketing strategists the ability to focus campaigns towards a certain demographic. For developers, it may help in the development process to test the game on your target audience’s preferred platform.

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