Analyzing The 6 Most Popular Games Of 2014

Taking a look at the top games in sales and popularity for the year 2014 to-date, we’ve analyzed the strategies the publishers have used to boost sales and likeability for their titles.

Here are our six top picks:

1. Titanfall


This exclusive Xbox robot trans-humanist war game quickly climbed to the top of game sales charts when it was bundled with Xbox One sales in April.

The action packed game was created by a team of 65 developers including one of the Call of Duty co-authors, likely a huge part of the winning equation for the multi-player game development. It is estimated that of all Xbox One owners in the USA, at least 65% also own Titanfall. Microsoft is also happy with this result.

Winning Strategy: Bundling with purchase of Xbox One.

2. EVE: Valkyrie


Dogs, outer space, fighting, and virtual reality. This interesting combination presented at the recent E3 convention in Los Angeles is a great example of a new game using the Oculus Rift virtual reality simulator. It can also be played with the Sony Project Morpheus device, and really gives a nice look into the future of virtual simulation games.

Although this game was also presented at last year’s E3, game creator CCP has since made some improvements that really make it spark with better controls and more stunning graphics.

Winning Strategy: Listening to user input to make control and visual changes.

3. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Call Of Duty

Consistently rated in the top two spots for the past five years, the Call of Duty franchise has brought the industry another smash hit in 2014 with the Ghosts edition.

In particular, fans have responded well to the addition of a new animal character — a playable German Shepherd dog named Riley. Some post-release downloadable characters have also been added, bringing in names from big-screen horror film hits like “Halloween” and “Predator.” Plus, the word “ghosts” in the title is just cool.

Winning Strategy: Bringing in new characters and downloadable post-release content.

4. Lego Marvel Super Heroes

LEGO Marvel

Giving gamers a reprieve from war, dark monsters, and shoot-’em-ups, the Lego title based on popular Marvel comic heroes gives users something different to play. . Players can choose from as many as 150 characters, even including the Marvel co-creator, Stan Lee.

Last year’s release of the Lego movie combined with Millennials seemingly never-ending love for all things Lego, this title has been a no-brainer hit with sales coming in the top 10

Winning Strategy: Combining two popular children’s character themes (popular with adults and teens too, for that matter!)

5. Minecraft


Since its odd beginning in 2009, Minecraft has now sold over 35 million copies. Pretty incredible for a game that was initially released unfinished and by an independent publisher! We attribute this success to regular adaptation to user needs and simple visual appeal. The style of the game easily creates addiction and a cult-like following in its 33+ million users, many of whom are children between ages nine to fifteen.

Winning Strategy: Constant improvement, multi-platform releases, kid-friendly graphics.

6. NBA 2K14

NBA 2K14

Starting off the year with a heavy launch by game publisher Take-Two, this sports fan pastime has quickly outsold Madden and Fifa games. With the ability to compete against other “crews” online using PS3 or Xbox 360, this interactive game provides hours of basketball face-offs complete with leaderboards and stats. The realistic look of players is also a big draw.

Winning Strategy: Adding an interactive online portion and orchestrating a big marketing launch.

Looking to improve the sales and user ratings of your newest title? Which of these strategies will you try and why? Let us know!